Thank you for your reservation.
A deposit of CHF 33.00 is due per reserved place – that’s the price for Pizza & Salad.
The minimum consumption of CHF 50.00 per reserved seat still applies for the group reservation.
The deposit will be deducted from your actual consumption.
Please note: without receiving the deposit within 3 working days from the request, we will delete the reservation.
In order for us to be able to reserve the places definitively, we would ask you to make the deposit using the following two options:

Bank transfer:
Our ZKB account has the IBAN No. CH7100700110006326546 and runs under the name PISA AG.

Twint option:
Scan the QR code below with your Twint app and then enter the amount due for the deposit.
The advantage of Twint transfer is that you can divide the amount among your guests and thus collect the deposit from all of them.

Example deposit:
Reservation for 15 guests = 15 x CHF 33.00 = CHF 495 => this amount would have to be paid in advance.