SO PIZZA is a modern “less is more” pizza restaurant based in Zurich.
The concept of SO PIZZA is to create endless variations of fresh pizza, combined with visionary ordering and service processes.

SO PIZZA is unlike any other restaurant.
Instead of conventional approaches and processes, it focuses on new solutions.
The formula is contemporary, but also timeless and forward-looking.

Pizza and salad – and nothing else.


Guests don’t order a specific pizza.
Each pizza is made fresh by hand with high-quality ingredients.
Our waiters bring them directly to the tables, still hot and already sliced.
The slices are offered round after round at the table and the large salad bowl is on the table for sharing – for a flat price.
Wine and drink orders are served personally.
The simplicity of this system allows SO PIZZA to be fast yet personal.
As a SO PIZZA guest, you’ll experience pizza variations you may never have thought of.
A nice side effect of the well thought out system is sustainability.
There are no products in stock that are not needed.
SO PIZZA reduces food waste to almost zero.