a few answers to some questions:

SO is our contemporary pizza concept.
SO has profile, SO has character, SO is different, SO is unique.
SO stands for the clearly defined way in which we work.
SO is personal, unpretentious and uncomplicated.
SO is reduced and simplified.

SO it is!

For pizza and salad at lunch CHF 25.00 per person, in the evening CHF 35.00 per person. Children up to 12 years pay half price.

Sharing is caring! SO shares the pizza with everyone. That’s why we have two seatings and all reservations are limited to two hours.

No – our concept is based on simplicity. We all need to make decisions many times a day – just relax and we will serve you with all different varieties of pizza. You just take what you want (or want to try out, but never wanted to order as a whole pizza in a classic pizzeria…)

If you really want your own pizza-creation we recommend you our take-away option where you can choose the toppings you like

Online it is much easier. You see all the options and we are not always available by phone.
After your reservation you will receive a confirmation email – please always check the spam.
In case you need to cancel or modify your reservation you can do this with the link in the confirmation email.

Hmmm, there are only 2 possible scenarios for this :
1. Our confirmation email unfourtunately landed in your spam box or
2. When you entered your own emailadress, maybe a typing mistake happened…

Well, unfortunately this situation sometimes occurs with reservations for more than 6 guests – sorry!

Do you want to reserve LESS places?
===>> Delete existing reservation and make a new reservation with fewer places immediately.

Do you want to reserve MORE places?
===>>>very likely there is no more space at the group table.
Please send us an email and we will see if there is a solution. Either it will be a bit more crowded or an additional table will be added.

Do you want to adjust the time of your reservation?
===>> If this is not possible via the button in your confirmation email, then there are no more free tables at the desired time.

Of course, but there are some strings attached;
1. on Fridays and Saturdays we can only accept groups up to a maximum of 14 guests. Sunday to Thursday larger groups are also possible.
2. There is only one big table in our restaurant for maximum 14 guests.
3. For larger groups, we will add more tables of 4 and 5.
These seats are all in the same area, but the tables cannot be put together.
We cannot change the existing seating arrangement.
4. There are instructions for group reservations that you must accept before making a reservation.
5. We will send those guidelines by email – please use our contact page
6. For Groupreservations we expect a deposit. You can find all informations here.

Our concept allows us to be fast and efficient – we believe that 2 hours are enough for all our guests to get a big selection of different  pizza creations and salad.  All reservations are therefore limited to 2 hours.

Our opening hours are part of our concept and only with this it is possible as an “all you can eat” restaurant.

That’s a tough one ! Generally walk-inks are very welcome. On the weekends we are usually booked-out for both seatings in advance.
But as our concept gets better the more guests we can serve, there is always a time where we have to stop accepting new guests. During the week that’s around 13:00 on lunchtime and 21 :00h for dinner. On the weekends it’s around 22:00h. Take away pizza can be ordered for around 30 minutes longer.

No, except for our pizza Nutella which can be ordered in two sizes (small for 2-4 guests and large for 4-8 guests). Anyhow, it is not possible to stick candles in – the crust is just too thin.

For birthday cakes etc. that you bring yourself, we need to charge CHF 4.00 per guest.

Yes – We offer «blank» gift cards. You can choose any of our offerings (like a bottle of wine) or just any amount in swiss francs. Gift cards can be picked-up and paid at either SO location during our opening hours.
Gift cards are valid in both locations.

We do – but only one! Please make a note in your reservation if you need one. Many of our tables have benches which are easier seat for small children than chairs.

Of course – we love dogs. Please always make a note in your reservation. We will try to find a table with enough “dog-room”.

Our pizzas are around 40cm in diameter, they’re cut in 8 slices and are therefore larger than the usual pizza. To make them extra thin our highly skilled pizzaioli toss our pizzas by hand, so the size and shape can vary slightly.

No – gluten is one of main reasons why pizzadough can be stretched to make it thin and crispy. This is exactly how we want our pizzas. You can have as much salad as you want though. Please note that SO Pizza is not a gluten free environment.

Within our system, vegetarian pizzas are also standard – just avoid the ones with meat (if you are vegetarian).

We can include vegan pizzas in the system, but not in the same proportion as meat and vegetarian – please note this if you are vegan only.
Our salad can also be ordered without our SO dressing.

As we strongly believe in simplicity, we only serve one «menu», pizza & salad – as much as you like – at a very fair price. We use the best ingredients and have around 40 different toppings per day – all for you to have the best possible variety of our pizzas. Selling beverages beside food is a basic principle at any table-service restaurant. Of course tap water is free when you order wine bottles or beer pitchers.

Yes! We hooked up with Takeaway.com – please see here if you live in the “pizza-delivery-radius”!

We believe in ovenfresh and therefore warm and crispy pizza. If you really don’t have the time to sit down and stay for a while, we can make a pizza to go.
During our opening hours you can drop-by and grab an orderform, tick all the toppings you want and 5 minutes later we’ll put your pizza in our ventilated SO box.

(To reheat, we recommend 1-2 minutes in the middle of a 180° preheated oven (NO microwave)!

Up to 4 pizzas it will take between 5-15 minutes to produce. If you need more pizzas, what we totally understand, please be patient as it will take some more time to produce them.

Well – guess why it’s called «take away» 😉

We’re flattered. We really are, but we do not actually sell any of our foods in bulk. In order to maintain the shelf life required for retail, we’d have to add preservatives and we don’t want to do that. We’re happy to sell you some sides if you’d like.

We’d love to talk to you. The best way is to go to the «Jobs» page on this website, and send an email & resume with foto directly to info@so.pizza

In our system, the only leftovers we have are pieces of pizza that none of our guests wanted. We collect these pieces and offer them as boxes of 8 through the pan-European anti-foodwaste app “TooGoodToGo”.

If you don’t know “TooGoodToGo” yet, please check out their awesome app and join quickly!

But yes – we are really efficient: we don’t even fill up a whole 110 liter waste bag per day – including all paper napkins etc.