Federal Council decision of Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

In restaurants, the restriction on the number of people per table will be discontinued.
In indoor areas, seating is mandatory during consumption, as before, and the distance between groups must be maintained.
Contact information must still be collected, but one contact per group is sufficient.
Masks must also continue to be worn except when guests are seated at a table.
In outdoor areas, the restriction on the size of guest groups and the requirement to sit when consuming will be removed.
The distance between groups of guests must be maintained here as well.
Contact information no longer needs to be collected outside.

Reservations – Information
At the moment we can only accept reservations online.
You will receive a confirmation email with all the information (also look in the spam).
Please read the reservation confirmation carefully.
The outdoor seats will be assigned after we receive your reservation and of course depending on the weather.
It is also possible to send information (no reservations) via SMS or Whatsapp.
Still questions? Please look here first